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Satic’s line of Energy Management Systems (EMS) combines inspired engineering with the highest quality analog and digital components available to deliver the latest advancement in energy saving technologies resulting in unparalleled build quality, features, and benefits.

           Voltage regulation                                     Protects sensitive electronics
           Surge protection                                       Complete system protection
           Amp reducing phase correction                 Reduced electrical consumption
           Harmonics & electrical noise filtration       Clean power/clear audio & video
           Electromagnetic Field (EMF)                     ReductionHealthier electrical environment

The EMS will condition, optimize and regulate your entire electrical system in real time. The delivery of clean power will consistently reduce heat, amps and consumption as well as the harmful effects caused by EMFs, electrical noise and negative harmonics on the system. These benefits will quickly translate directly to electrical savings and equipment longevity.
The EMS line must not be confused with antiquated capacitor bank products using 150 year-old technology and uninspired engineering. Satic utilizes only the most advanced line of high-quality, harmonic resistant components available, each one thoroughly tested and validated.
Satic’s advanced engineering has culminated in powerful circuit board integrated units that are compact, cost effective, and easy to install. There are three GES product lines, each include both plug-in and wire-in models, designed to make your entire electrical service more efficient and save money.

THE SAVER SERIES ~ Saver Series products provide real-time amp reducing phase correction, voltage regulation and robust surge protection. This power management is accomplished using Satic’s proprietary ‘phase to phase’ wiring configuration.
THE ELIMINATOR SERIES ~ Eliminator Series products utilize unique harmonic rectifiers to reduce the total harmonic distortion in your electrical service as well as reduce EMF radiation, providing a cleaner electrical system for a healthier environment. This power management is accomplished using Satic’s proprietary ‘phase to neutral’ wiring configuration.

THE POWER PERFECT SERIES ~ Combining the design attributes of both the Saver Series and the Eliminator Series results in a comprehensive electrical system solution that not only provides robust surge protection, voltage regulating line conditioning, and real-time amp reducing phase correction but also reduces negative harmonics and provides EMF filtration. As you would expect, the combination of ‘phase to phase’ and ‘phase to neutral’ wiring configuration provides a comprehensive proprietary solution that is unique to Satic and the trademarked Power Perfect Line. 
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Each EMS line has been subjected to rigorous 3rd party testing and is warranted against failure and guaranteed to perform.

EMF ELIMINATOR PLUG-IN: Unlike other products on the market the ES120 & ES240 Eliminator Series can plug directly into any respective 120v or 240v electrical outlet and affect every electrical device plugged into that entire circuit serving as a surge protector, line conditioner, voltage regulator, and amp reducer. The units have an outlet on the front of the box so that no outlet space is lost and are an easy way to save energy and extend the life of all products that use electricity. Download the EMF Eliminator Flier for more information.

Global Energy Saver Plug-In
EMS WIRE-IN: The EMS line of wire-in models are available in both 1Ø & 3Ø configurations and were designed to be hard wired directly to the appropriate application. Models are available in a variety of single and three phase configurations in multiple voltages. Common applications include connection to a distribution panel on their own dedicated breaker, to a smaller equipment specific disconnect panel, or in some applications, motor direct, depending on application. Each model is UL, CE and FCC listed and comes with specific and easy to understand wiring instructions and should always be installed by a licensed electrician or certified equipment technician depending on application.

POWER PERFECT BOX: The Power Perfect Box is available in both 1Ø & 3Ø configurations and can be installed quickly and easily directly at the breaker panel. It is available in both a standard and heavy-duty configuration. The standard Power Perfect Box 1Ø is appropriate for homes less than 3200 square feet. The Heavy Duty 1Ø version is for homes over 3200 square feet or homes that have a second A/C unit, hot tub or larger electrical consumption.

Single Power Perfect Box 1Ø

Power Perfect Box Heavy Duty & 3Ø

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