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Smart Meter Help Resource
If a Smart Meter has not yet been installed
and you want to prevent it, call John at (734) 968-4715.

He will install a lock and if the lock is ignored or removed, he will help you start a lawsuit against the power company.

If a Smart Meter has already been installed and you want it disabled, call Penny at (313) 402-1158. 

She will also check electro sensitivity issues, and help you reduce electromagnetic invasion of your home.

Although Smart Meters are the latest source of contami-nation, cell towers, and the Internet all contribute too.

In addition, refrigerators, computers, and micro-waves all add to the dirty electrical environment. 

Penny will help you reduce the problem.  (313) 402-1158.  

The fact that DTE and other power companies can do what they are doing with government money and without our consent is an indication of how far our Republic has gone astray.  Join us, not only to prevent the Smart Meter installations, but to help restore our Republic.

Trial by Jury is still available to citizens who are damaged by other citizens, companies or their government.  "De Jure" is the official word for the type of court procedure that we can use, but we only get it if we know about it and ask for it.

We will show you how to get what is rightfully yours.

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John's Hoop Guard Lock on meter
John's Standard lock on meter