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Smart Meters
In the beginning, Mr. Edison charged a monthly fee based upon the number of lamps being used, but that did not work too well.  A meter was needed to determine usage.

By 1900 Westinghouse had developed the first version of an electromechanical meter 
that measured kilowatt hours, and that meter was in use for the next 110 years.

​Smart Meters began to be installed around 2010.  The installations were quiet and most customers were unaware of the significant changes that would arrive shortly.

The first change noticed was that the bills were higher.  The electronic meters could somehow generate higher bills.  It amounted to an unapproved increase from prior billing for the same usage.

The second change noticed were biological effects from the electromagnetic fields generated by the meters.  All customers were not immediately aware of the effects, but from what is currently known, all persons are affected, but some not instantly.

The third issue is surveillance.  Appliance manufacturers have been adding micro chips to enable direct communication with the meters.  This would enable the utility to be aware of household activity, appliances in use at specific times, and more.

The fourth issue is time specified rates and individual appliance control.  During any specific day or week, the utility experiences a pattern of use unfamiliar to the individual customer.  By controlling the on-off schedule of customer appliances, the utility could improve the usage pattern for itself, without regard for the customer.  

It is our opinion that the changes, both known and unknown, are too great to allow the continued installation of these new electronic devices.  We are insisting that the continued installations be stopped immediately and that all installed meters be removed unless requested otherwise by the customer. 

​The best description of the issues and the problems is in the following letter.

Dear Residents;
Deepest apologies for the length of this letter. It is as brief as possible. Understand to convey the details of
whats before us would be lengthy. Please view the suggested reading and videos (at bottom) for a more
complete understanding of the scope of the consequences regarding the installation of DTE’s meters. This is
an issue of the Law of Nature and Humanity; not politics, and we are certain you’ll see that very clearly.

A similar letter has gone to all representatives in the Legislature and Senate for obvious reasons.

It is with great concern that this letter is written in regard to Alternative/Smart/Opt-Out Meters being
installed in homes by DTE. Not only for our families, but for all families in every Municipality, County,
Michigan, and all other States.

DTE is less than forthcoming providing full disclosure of how a homeowners “voluntary or implied consent”
effects their family in so many ways by allowing the installation of the Alternative/Smart/Opt-Out Meters!

The single most important aspect of this is “Everyones Health”. With installation of these meters on our
homes, our bodies are unknowingly participating as a part of DTE’s wireless electrical circuit, however, by
nature, we are completely incompatible with it as we are conductors within it. Further details are below.

DTE believes this is a minor sacrifice “we” will have to make for them to read our meters. But in fact; it will
strip our very essence as individual human beings by destroying our health!

It is likely after reading this letter you will agree that this action by DTE is far too reaching outside of what
we authorized, especially to read meters. And it is ridiculous to think otherwise!

Our Representatives have an obligation to act in our best interest by imposing a complete ban of DTE’s
Alternative/Smart/Opt-Out Meters and Grid! The proliferation of this technology must be stopped immediately!

                                                “ VIOLATIONS OF OUR UNALIENABLE RIGHTS” 

1. Circumvention of Transparency and Present Billing Structure;
    a)Mechanical analog meters allow us to visually see the reading, this transparency ensures customers of their
       personal usage. The new digital meter provides NO true visibility.
    b)Avoids the present billing structure that is protecting the customer of unwarranted/unjustified increased
       costs. New “Peak Usage Rates” in all other states where these meters have been installed created significant
       price increases to customers immediately. Its known that few homeowners change their daily usage habits.
    c)No visibility/transparency for any overseeing agency! Therefore, there is no ability or control for the
       Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) to dispute anything for us.
    d)How do we dispute a bill? How are we to trust what they tell us the meter says when we have no idea whats
       going on within it, and can be changed remotely in an instant? There is the ability to alter usage measurement
       variables in software remotely unbeknownst to anyone. We would never see a 5%-10% (or more) up-charge
       buried in the software, it is invisible to us!
    e)We never authorized a change to meters or meter reading. (“We the People” authorized a privilege to DTE
       to operate as a monopolistic corporation allowing for “safe” and efficient energy supply, under very strict
       controls. We have given no authority to anyone to change it! The cost to read the analog meters is already
       included in the pricing structure that the citizens agreed to allow them to recover.)

                                                                                            Did you Consent to any of the above? Yes____No____

2. Safety issues
    a)Meters are a non-compliant/non-UL approved (Underwriters Laboratory) appliance on our homes
       (electrical code violation). Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved is not UL approved. The
       very meter that they are imposing to measure usage is not approved! We cannot buy a non-UL appliance for
       our home, as our insurance likely would not cover damages caused by such a device.
    b)DTE meter installation procedure is negligent, non-electricians are installing these meters. Proper
       procedure by Certified Electricians require the main switch and all breakers are to be switched to the off
       position to avoid the huge power surge into the home when a meter is installed. Unless done this way the
       surge can damage components in the electrical system, and any electronic device plugged into it (computers,
       TV’s, stereo, fridge, stove, washer, dryer, motors, fans, dimmers, etc....). It requires consent for them to come
       into your home to do it properly! What unknown damage has already occurred within the homes that have
       the meters? When the meters have caused fires, utilities blame the homeowners faulty meter box and/or
       wiring. (Caused by the surge? There were no issues with original meters!)

                                                                                            Did you Consent to any of the above? Yes____No____

3. Health Issues
    a)Immediate symptoms of meters are in the form of; insomnia, ringing in the ears, heart palpitations,
       headaches, anxiety, difficulty thinking, memory problems, attention problems, fatigue...
    b)People with certain health conditions and/or medical devices should not be exposed to Electromagnetic
       Radiation from meters; pacemakers, heart arrhythmias, neurological disorders, cancer, seizure disorders,
       metal implants, traumatic brain injuries, cochlear implants...
    c)Children, the elderly, and the chronically ill are the most susceptible, but all will be effected!
    d)“Electromagnetic induction on a bare conductor (a child) running at its own frequency brings a host of
       electrical problems for the unprotected child including nerve and muscle depolarization (stimulation), in
       addition to heat. Human cells operate at low voltage, their own frequencies, and to impose very fast foreign
       frequencies at GHz on the human electrical system causes serious electrical problems. “ Note: you can
       exchange the word child with any of the following; unborn, babies, children, mothers, fathers, grandparents,
       pets, birds, bees, insects, plants, trees etc...basically all other living things on earth.” (Google; Second
       Amended Declaration of Curtis Bennett)(DTE meters are several times stronger than school wireless systems,
       though DTE uses erroneous information to claim they are not -View Diana Ostermann video listed at bottom).
    e)The technology used with Alternative/Smart/Opt-Out meters are devices emitting radiation deemed by the
       World Health Organization to be a known Group 2B Carcinogen causing cancer.
    f) DTE’s Meshed Grid System creates a “electrical wireless circuit” covering every square foot inside of our
       homes with us, our children, and pets as conductors within it. Blanketing every school, hospital, office,
       church, neighborhood, municipality, etc. etc. etc...enveloping each one of us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
    g)As an Electrician stated, “In the most basic of layman terms it is the slow absorption of a minor current due
       to our bodies being mostly made of water that makes us very conductive; we complete a circuit in a wireless
       electrical system causing basically the same result as electrocution. Though electrocution is a term used to
       describe death by electricity, it really is the only way to make the point.” (Urge Electricians to Google and
       read “Second Amended Declaration of Curtis Bennett” and listen to the whole YouTube video “Boil the Frog
       Slowly with Curtis Bennett”. Their first reaction will be no, but after reading/ listening they will understand!)
    h)Proliferation of this unsafe and unnecessary technology for meter reading will eventually cost each
       household thousands of dollars a year in health care costs.
    i)Based on the the Wireless Industry past actions. DTE will certainly seek to immune themselves from every
      homeowner/resident/customer suing them for damages related to health issues linked to their meters.
    j)We did not authorize anyone a right or jurisdiction to radiate us, our homes, or communities.

                                                                                            Did you Consent to any of the above?  Yes____No____

4. Environmental Issues
    a)Every Living Thing within the blanket is effected; humans, animals, birds, bees, insects, trees, plants, etc...
    b)Damage to buildings from the blasting of radiation leading to condemned structures. Curtis Bennett

                                                                                             Did you Consent to any of the above? Yes____No____

5. Privacy/Security Issues - Meters are a gateway into our homes for DTE and Hackers;
    a) A surveillance device capable of sending and receiving information installed on our homes without consent.
    b) Distribution of personal information without consent
    c) Ability to send commands through the meter to activate microphones and cameras in computers, cell
        phones, and any other device in our homes!
    d)Ability to remotely shut off power or smart appliances instantly and hold any homeowner hostage!
    e)Ability to remotely alter/add any new software program to do whatever they want without knowledge or
       consent from the customer.
    f) Exposure of personal information off any computer and cell phone in your home.
    g)Exposure to fraud if you have direct utility bill payment from your personal bank account.
    h)Exposure to theft; remote ability to case a neighborhood and identify who is home, and not home.

                                                                                             Did you Consent to any of the above? Yes____No____

6. DTE Imposing their Will Outside of the Authority we provided them;
    a)Customers Lied too, Harassed, Intimidated, and Forced to accept meter installation against their consent.
    b)Customers Threatened with Disconnection by refusing meter installation in spite of their non-consent.
    c)Customers Power Disconnected for removing Smart Meter and installing their own analog meter to protect
       their health and rights.

                                                                                             Did you Consent to any of the above? Yes____No____

7. Wireless Technology; Proliferation within our Homes, Communities, and cars Must Stop!
    a)Alternative/Smart/Opt-Out Meters technology is a wireless device on steroids, transmitting up to 2 miles.
    b)“Problem with the drive of the wireless industry toward even higher frequencies within the cm microwave
       band. While nearly all the the lower frequency bands have already been allocated by the FCC for specific
       types of radio transmissions, and transmission of ever more information content on any given channel
       requires greater bandwidth, each new deployment undermines further the integrity of the populations
       health.” Curtis Bennett
    c)Comcast to use “our” home routers w/2 signals, one for public access, the other for you personally?
    d)Automotive industry to install wireless in every car.

                                                                                             Did you Consent to any of the above? Yes____No____
                                      LIFE (HEALTH), LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS?
                                                                                                                                                         Yes____ No____

             The Bottom Line... Ban DTE’s Alternative, Opt-Out Meters and their Grid!

    This action by DTE is far too reaching outside of what we authorized of a monopoly controlled by us! This is
    NOT necessary technology for DTE to do business - especially to read meters. The original analog meter is the
    only safe and transparent option, and they do not have our consent to infringe on our Health, Rights, and
    Liberties!We never delegated authority to the DTE, MPSC, or our Representatives to allow for such
    infringements. As “public functionaries” our representatives are responsible to act “de jure” to ensure the
    control of DTE for “We the People”. And the way the people want it, not the way DTE wants it!

    We must ask ourself why our elected officials (“public functionaries”) in our Municipality, County, and State
    sit idle when peoples health and rights are being violated so egregiously by DTE. All of the “public
    functionaries” must answer to this! If they neglect their duty they can expose themselves to being personally
    liable to every individual citizen that is affected.

    Any attempt to defer, delay, or push this off while further installation takes place, will only be seen as a ploy
    to avoid their responsibilities as “de jure public functionaries” and fulfill their obligation to act in the best
    interest of “WE THE PEOPLE”.

    A glaring red flag in all of this is the fact that the Wireless Industry (cell towers/similar technology) has been
    given a unConstitutional protection of not being able to be sued for damages by anyone effected. Similarly,
    presently the Turbine Wind Generation Stations in Michigan are effecting homeowners health for miles
    around the site, and forcing people from their homes to protect their health. It is no coincidence that Senate
    Bills 1123 and 1124 have been tabled in the House to prevent homeowners from seeking damages against
    them, we need to stop this now! DTE will be lobbying to get the same immunity from our Representatives for
    coming into our homes/communities with the technology these meters use. It is up to us to ensure that does
    not happen! Everyone has a right of redress to a grievance for damages, supported by 14th amendment!

    There is a meeting specifically about these meters. Tuesday December 2, 2014 at 3:00 PM in
    Room 519 of the Anderson House Office Building, Lansing. If you are inspired to attend,
    that is great. But sharing this letter will help tremendously as well! Please send it to Family,
    Friends, Neighbors, any Associations; Church, School, Sports Team/Leagues,
    Professional...and Social Media; Facebook, Twitter...immediately!

    Also; email this letter to your Local State Representatives regarding this matter if you
    agree withit and want your voice heard. Send it from your phone, tablet, or computer...
    Help those that lack the skill to do so...

               House of Representatives

                     ...and please copy (cc) us at:
               With only your municipality stated in the Subject line: (example: Shelby Twp. - Meters)

Thank You! Please be assured that your email address will only be used to continue communication
regarding the meters and other issues in the future. The intention is to be able to form local organizations by
Municipality. Definitely include comments to your Representatives. Due to the volume expected to be
received - responding back to you from us will not be possible at his time. That will be handled by Municipal

Doing these two small things will allow us to easily group individuals by Municipality and allow distribution
to people within the Municipality that want to organize and get involved. From this we can easily keep
everyone informed and involved just by emailing to seek your input, and also inform our Representatives of
our will as “WE THE PEOPLE”.
For far too long Special Interest Groups have lobbied our Representatives, and they have rubber stamped
what they want with no input from us. Also, whenever we express our complaints/grievances as individuals,
we have no knowledge of the many others that have similar complaints/grievances. Organizing ourselves
allows visibility of what critical issues need to be addressed. We understand that we all lead busy lives, and
because of that we had lost our remedies to ensure whats right. It is time to right the ship and get it back on
course! Its our desire that this allows us to do so, thank you again


Google Search;

    Second Amended Declaration of Curtis Bennett - Wireless (affidavit transcript)

    YouTube videos;
        Smart Meters
        Agenda 21  

    Michigan Stop Smart Meters - Diana Ostermann (Wireless Industry Insider)

    How Smart Meters Affect Your Body (Chiropractors Self Discovery)

    Boil the Frog Slowly with Curtis Bennett (radio recording; listen to all of it)

    Michigan Based websites;
    " " " " 

unalienable Rights - Life (health), Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness, property, safety, respect,
                                                           privacy, etc...

Bill of Rights - 1st amendment - freedom; religion, speech, press, peaceable assembly,                                                                                           right of petition

                       4th amendment - right to privacy and security

                       9th amendment - Rights beyond the Bill of Rights belong to the people

                     10th amendment - undelegated powers belong to the people unless given by
                                                   the people to the states

                     14th amendment - section 1 - No State shall make or enforce any law which
                             shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any
                             State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny
                             to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

                     An unconstitutional act is not a law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; it affords no
                     protection; it creates no office; it is, in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had
                     never been passed. Norton vs Shelby County 118 US 425, 442

       MJM                                                                            For: “We the People”